Elevate Your Fitness Journey with KB Fitness in Orange County

• Private Gym Access
• Expert Trainers
• Customized Workouts
• Flexible Scheduling
• Proven Results

New to our private training studio? Your first personal training session is FREE

Membership Benefits

Personalized Training Plans

Each fitness journey at KB Fitness starts with a personalized training plan, developed to fit your unique goals, fitness level, and preferences.

One-on-One Coaching

Experience the undivided attention of our certified personal fitness trainers, ensuring your form is perfect and your training is effective.

Injury Prevention & Rehab

Safety first. Our programs include injury prevention techniques and can be tailored for rehabilitation, helping you stay fit, safely.

Flexibility & Mobility Training

Improve your flexibility and mobility to boost performance in workouts and daily life, reducing the risk of injuries.

Fitness Assessments & Progress Tracking

Regular assessments to track your progress, adjust your training, and keep you motivated towards achieving your fitness goals.

Strength & Conditioning

Build strength and endurance with workouts designed to challenge you, under the careful guidance of our expert trainers.

New to our private training studio? Your first personal training session is FREE.

About Us

At KB Fitness Training Studio, we believe in transforming lives through personalized fitness. With a team of dedicated personal fitness trainers, we’re here to guide you through every step of your fitness journey. Our mission is to create a supportive and motivating environment where you can achieve your health and fitness goals.
• Experienced and Certified Trainers
• Customized Fitness Solutions
• Supportive Community
• State-of-the-Art Facility
• Focused on Your Goals

New to our private training studio? Your first personal training session is FREE.


What Makes KB Fitness Unique?

At KB Fitness, it’s our personalized approach and community. Every member receives a custom plan tailored to their goals, and our trainers are dedicated to your success.

Can I purchase individual personal training sessions without committing to a package?

Yes, you can purchase individual personal training sessions. Each 60-minute session is priced at $70. This option provides flexibility for those who prefer a pay-as-you-go approach to personal training.

Are there any discounts available for purchasing multiple sessions?

Yes, we offer discounted rates for purchasing session packs. The more sessions you buy upfront, the lower the cost per session.

Can I train with a partner?

Yes, we offer partner training options for those who prefer working out with others. It’s a great way to stay motivated and share the experience with friends or family.

What is included in the customized online coaching package?

Our customized online coaching package provides personalized workout plans, nutrition guidance, regular check-ins with a coach, and ongoing support to help you reach your fitness goals.

Is there a minimum commitment for coaching membership?

No, there is no minimum commitment. You can cancel your gym membership at any time, although we recommend sticking with it for optimal results.

New to our private training studio? Your first personal training session is FREE.

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